30 things to do while I’m 30

I got jealous of people who started 30 before 30 lists back when they were 25… so I figured I’d put my own spin on the concept and create this list instead. Some are new things I’d like to do, some are goals to create new habits and some are old favorites that i’d like to revisit this year!

  1. Write and send a handwritten note once a week. I have oodles of stationary… why not?
  2. Keep fresh flowers in the house as often as possible.
  3. Buy something from Ann Taylor… or any of the other shops I’ve boycotted and chosen not to shop in “until I turn 30.”
  4. Bake a cake from scratch.
  5. Learn baby signs and teach them to Baby M. (I already know the sign for bunny!)
  6. Take a hike in a national park.
  7. Stockpile homemade bunny and doggy treats.
  8. Sew a dress for myself.
  9. Resist the urge to pick up my iphone whenever I’m alone & bored.
  10. Spend a day in whitewater.
  11. Plan meals around things that can be grilled throughout the summer/fall.
  12. Track 1,500,000 steps via my pedometer.
  13. Take a picture of Lena every week.
  14. Wear flowers in my hair.
  15. Make Indian food at home… from scratch.
  16. Teach my dog (Memphis) a new trick.
  17. Have a date night (in or out) every other week.
  18. Have a real “workout” three times a week.
  19. Teach myself a completely new craft.
  20. Cook a holiday meal.
  21. Visit wild animals every month.
  22. Capture a family photo at every possible opportunity.
  23. Keep my inbox clean.
  24. Figure out a way to sync my calendar with Mr. M’s.
  25. Eat out at 10 new restaurants – a huge challenge with a baby!
  26. Write/Illustrate a children’s book.
  27. Keep my car clean – inside and out.
  28. Add things to my etsy shop.
  29. Turn all my digital photos from 2010 into photobooks.
  30. Snuggle more.


  • Janet

    Love your list! It reminds me I’ve got to get moving on mine!

    Might I suggest Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake for #4? It’s really easy and always turns out so well – I know many people who use it as their go-to recipe! I would also suggest using better cocoa powder, but stealing the recipe from their website. :)

  • EP

    Nice! What a great list!

    I feel good that I have done most of these (minus the dog and bunny treats and sewing dresses :) ) though I will be 32 this year! Boo!

    Happy Birthday Kim! Hope your 30th is absolutely wonderful! :)

  • Jane

    Hee… I’ve been shopping at Ann Taylor for work clothes since I was 22. Is that bad?

    Happy birthday! I love your list.

    • kimberly michelle

      Oh no… it’s not bad at all! In fact, I steer friends there all the time for clothes. I just made the rule up one day when walking through the Century City mall… more of an “I don’t wanna grow up and wear grown up clothes” thing more than anything else. :)

  • Kasia Fink

    Happy belated bday! What a fantastic list. I’ve blown past 30 already but a few of the things on your list are on my “List of things to do while on maternity leave”. :)

  • Ali (Mrs French Bulldog)

    What a great list! I turn 30 in July and was thinking of making a similar list. It was going to 30 things I want to cook/bake while I was 30 but I think I might go your route and include other things too :)
    Does Ann Taylor Loft count as Ann Taylor b/c I’ve been shopping there for years ;-)