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the post about the post-pregnancy weight

This week, Baby M will turn 12 weeks old. And I will weigh plus or minus 15 lbs. more than I did about a year ago.  Yup, this is a post on weight.
I’m writing this post to be honest and follow-up on the comments my health practitioners had made about my weight gain throughout the pregnancy. By week 39, I had gained a grand total of 37 lbs. during pregnancy. And then I popped out a 7 lb. 14 oz. ridiculously adorable baby girl. By week #2, I was down 12 lbs. from the start, by week #6, I was down 17 lbs, and I’ve held steady at my -22/+15 mark since week #9. I have learned that I don’t possess Heidi Klum’s metabolism, however, so it looks like I’ll have to go about this journey the tough old-fashioned way. I mean, I spent 9 months putting that weight on, so I really shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t just fall off in chunks in the end.
In order to get myself back into my closet of pre-pregnancy clothes, I have been making a point to walk much more, exercise when I can (which is only in the mornings… and I told you how much of a non-morning person I am… so you can see how hard this is for me), and keep my calories down throughout the day. I’m back to counting all of this using LoseIt (a free iPhone app) on a daily basis, and just trying to keep track of my progress on this new journey that I’m on. For the record, I’m 5 lbs. over my previously heaviest weight ever, so I’m in territory I know I can push beyond… and that it will eventually come around. In the meantime, I’m wearing lots of skirts and rotating between 3 pairs of pants. I’ll have to breakdown and buy some shorts/capri’s for the heat… but I’m trying my best to will my way into the old stuff. That’ll work, right??
I guess what really puts all of my weight issues into perspective is this adorable little baby at my side. With every pound she gains, I see myself losing some. And I’d put on the weight time and time again if it means that I get the coos and smiles from my baby girl. So in the end, taking off the weight is as much of an adventure as putting it on was…


  • Julie

    9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off. Of course, I have hit that 9 month mark already and am not quite there…but Brayden was worth every extra pound.

  • HamiHarri

    Thank you for being honest abou how difficult it can be. I’m still up a good 9lbs from my pre-preggo weight and a good 12-13lbs from my ideal body weight.

    I gained a good 35lbs during my pregnancy, and I remember everyon saying “Dont worry, you’ll be down all the weight you gained plus some by breastfeeding”

    Maybe they were right, and I just need to give it more than 10 weeks. Something tells me it’s going to take more work than just bfing. My doc told me that any loss until 4 months pp is gravy and any loss that I want to see after that will require hard work :p. So we still have some time :)

    thanks for the tip on Lose It, I just downloaded it :)

  • EP

    Good luck! It’s not easy. I like the workout by Tracey Anderson. It’s tough but great for the abs. You can borrow it if you want. I just run, so I don’t use it often.

    • kimberly michelle

      Thanks EP! I actually bought it myself, and have been doing the online leg workout as well! :) As that’s my main problem area (the thighs), I’m hoping it will help out greatly.

  • EP

    I have found a combination of cardio and weight resistance works the best. So, I run a couple of miles, then do 60 of squats, calf raises, and crunches. Then shoulder press, biceps, and rows. I do it in about 35-40 minutes while the kids nap.
    I think the hardest part is finding the time and then sticking to doing it. :)

  • TikiBird

    Good luck, Kim, and the other new moms, too!

    I found the Be Fit Mom trainer’s video and book to be really informative–I wish I had had it earlier in my postpartum phase than I actually got it. You’re welcome to borrow my DVD if you want.

    Also, as my favorite trainer at the gym reminded me a lot that first year–the best thing you can do to lose weight is to get enough sleep! (Or take naps as needed.)