korean bbq at home

When Mr. M and I lived in SoCal, we considered Korean BBQ a food group. We were such suckers for the stuff that we’d walk into restaurants, ask for raw meat, and then pay for the privilege to cook it ourselves. Even now, we beg for the stuff when we pass through the east bay and visit with our KBBQ-BFFs… and then stuff ourselves absolutely silly on every sort of meat and side dish around. Our craving gets filled for a bit, but then it edges back in there and just doesn’t seem to go away.
So this weekend, we thought we’d do something a little bit different and actually put our giant grill to good use in order to ease our cravings. That’s right… we KBBQ’d outside! All it took were some thinly sliced short ribs that we marinated for 6+ hours, some rice and a little bit of time on the grill.
We marinated two batches of kalbi (short ribs) for the grill. One batch got a pre-made marinade from the store that featured pear & apple juice, and the other batch got this recipe that I created as a mishmash of many other recipes out there:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup water
1 T sesame oil
1 T rice wine vinegar
1/8 cup white sugar
1/4 cup golden brown sugar
2 tsp honey
1 tsp ginger
ground pepper (as much as you’d like)
And you know what? KBBQ at home is quite satisfying, especially when you seem to have an endless supply of meat to consume! Both batches turned out great (Mr. M had a few meat casualties through the grates), but Mr. M said he preferred my marinade to the store brand since it was a bit lighter. Or maybe it was just because he wanted to reward my strange creativity?
In any case, I can definitely see more KBBQ fests in the future for the summer ahead!


  • Geek in Heels

    Mmm! Next time, try adding some ground-up Korean pears (Korean pears apparently have the most amount of enzymes for this purpose) or kiwi to the marinade…it makes the meat extra tender and it’s an old trick that Korean moms use.

    Also, lemme know if you need/want other Korean bbq marinade recipes for bulgogi, spicy pork, etc!

  • talda

    yum! i love korean bbq! i was able to get my mom’s marinade recipe but i’m under orders of death to not give it away, much to the chagrin of my best friend who goes through withdrawals several times a year.

  • Amanda

    That looks SO good. There’s a Korean mega-mart, called H-Mart, about a half-hour from our house, and we always get their pre-marinated Korean bbq short ribs when we go there. They are delicious.