it has already been 3 months?

Happy three months little snugglebug!
Our “little” girl isn’t so little anymore. She wakes up every morning giggling to herself and flirting with the ceiling fan. Then she plays and sings with Daddy, practicing her pitch and talking up a storm. She loves munching on soft blankets, and is “this close” to actually seeing and recognizing Memphis. She’s starting to munch on Sophie and holding things in her hand other than our fingers. She still has all of her golden blonde locks, but they’re starting to stick straight up in the back in the spirit of Kate Gosselin’s old style. She isn’t a big fan of tummy time on her own, but loves tummy time on mommy or daddy’s tummy. She loves the sound of running water and is still a huge fan of white noise.
And we’re still pretty much totally obsessed and in love with her – no surprise there!



  • HamiHarri

    She’s beautiful!

    Our three month mark is in one more sleep and I can’t believe it.

    I remember before Clara was born everyone telling me how hard the first 3 months were. Well, besides some natural Mama worry, they have been the easiest and best three months of my life. And as I’m sure you know, each day just gets better and better as they fill with belly laughs, new discoveries and new milestones.

    Congrats on your baby girl’s first 3 months!!!

  • EP

    She is quite beautiful. Can’t believe it’s been 3 months! Well, I guess I can…It’s been over 4 for us! :)

  • Grandpa L

    Love her smile. The days and months go by so fast. Can’t wait to hold her and hear her giggle and laugh.

  • Geek in Heels

    Happy 3 months, Lena! My baby just did a series of flips in my stomach while I was reading this post (and cooing over the pictures) — maybe it’s a sign they’ll be friends in the future? :-)

  • TikiBird

    Congrats, M family! The first three months after Baby H’s birth were definitely the most challenging (OK, the flat-out hardest) of my life, and I am celebrating for you now. I hope it’s an enjoyable ride for you all so far, and that it continues to be more so every day!