seperation anxiety… from a car

Today, I’m saying goodbye to one of my closest material friends: my yellow car. Since the fall of 2001, she’s been with me through many adventures, but that journey ends when she meets the fate of the dreaded “trade-in” at the car lot today. She was the sorority taxi in college, the “Hey, I’m driving by your high-rise office, look down and see me!” car of the LA days, and allowed me to be a proud car carrying member of the “I love yellow cars” club. She was only my 2nd car (my first, a ’65 Mustang, is still in my parent’s possession), and she gave me 9 happy happy years behind the wheel.
In her place will be a new family vehicle, one capable of transporting way too much stuff/people/animals anywhere our wheels can take us, and one that’s not so yellow. And I’m sure I’ll grow to love it as well… but right now I’ve got to get through a little bit of silly mourning. I’ll wait until tomorrow to revel in the joy of the new car smell…


  • Michelle

    I feel your pain! I purchased my Nissan Frontier just a few months post college. I had a job and was so excited to buy my first car. I paid it off in 5 years and in 2008, my mom offered me her Camry since it was more fuel efficient. She was getting a new car and she would hand it over at no cost. At first, I said no but then I realized it was the smart, responsible thing to do since my truck SUCKED at gas mileage. I drove away and left my truck behind and had tears in my eyes. It was really tough. But getting a new car is so exciting!!! Have fun playing with it!

  • talda

    i just traded in my first car to get my new one too in june. i had two moments with him, one at home while i was cleaning out the bulk of my stuff and the final one in front of the dealership before hopping into the new ride. he was a hand me down from my sister and the only car i drove for the past 11 years. i’ll miss shoeless joe.

    enjoy your new car. i certainly enjoy mine though i do get a little guilty because i like him so much. he takes hills much better than shoeless joe ever did.

  • Cathleya

    Awww! Goodbye yellow car! I too am dreading the day that my 2000 Subaru takes its last breaths. :) I’m sure Lena will be thankful for the extra legroom that your new car will provide!

  • E @ Oh! Apostrophe

    I totally feel your pain! I just sold my beloved 2000 Honda Civic as I called my mom to excitedly tell her that the deal went through (sold it privately), I burst out in tears! Crazy. We reminisced though about all the memories that car holds… showing it off as a senior in high school, driving off to college for the first time, many road trips, etc… *tear*!

    • Donald

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