simple decorations get me every time…

I adore simple decorations. Things that look so elegant in their minimal state of being. But I loathe paying lots of money for it. I actually bought some sea glass the other day only because it was on sale… which is silly, because I adore sea glass and wish it was sitting in vases and trays all over the house.
Luckily things like this wooden flag are both simple and cheap to make. Too bad we don’t have a beachside cottage in Carmel where we could hang this. Bollocks.

orange front door

In other home decorating news, I’m really coming around to the idea of an ORANGE front door. A group of neighborhood bandit kids have taken a liking to picking all of our colorful frontyard flowers… so our landscaping is drab and just various shades of green. And people will think we’re being extra festive for fall, until they realize it’s hanging around through Christmas and Easter! Mr. M is always down for anything orange, so it looks like I’ll need to spruce up my photoshopping skills and pick out the most “well-suited” orange I can find to match the rest of our exterior paint.
Ah yes… 2 years later and we’re still finding ways to decorate and change things up in our house…


  • EP

    You would love my aunt’s house in VA Beach. She hunts for sea glass, and has glass jars and jars of it all over their house. Every time I turn around, there’s more of it. :)

  • Catherine

    I love the organge front door in combo with the grey exterior.

    p.s. I just watched all the episodes of Hard Knocks – the Jets and I’m loving it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Lindsey

    I love bright front doors. Last summer I painted mine lime green. I looove green and my H doesn’t really care too much. He just knows I love to paint stuff.

    It’s so fun, every time I drive up it makes me smile. I say go for the orange.