…and we’re back from that world they call Disney

Hi there! Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to take the first week of the new year off as vacation? Especially after you’ve had short work weeks because of the other two holidays immediately preceeding it? When everyone else is moaning about going back to work… you get to leave on a trip! It’s truly fabulous and I definitely recommend it!

Well, if you didn’t know, we headed to Walt Disney World for a week… well, at least Mr. M was there for a week. Baby M and I were a different story. You see, some lovely daycare buddy of hers decided to infect her with the plague on the 28th of December, leaving her incredibly sick with her first major cold. You know, the full phlegmy sneezy coughing icky head cold that would paralyze any adult let alone a 10 month old baby. And while the Dr. didn’t rule out travel completely, we felt it was best not to submit her to the torture of flying while sick (along with the rest of the redeye passengers on board). So, I sent Mr. M off on a plane to meet Mom L and his mom and dad in Florida, while I stayed home and played nurse for 2 more days and tried my best to get as much amoxicillin in her as I could (this little girl has quite the gag reflex when it comes to pink gooey liquid I soon discovered!).

[poor little feverish/pink baby!]

And in spite of all of my worries and small anxiety attacks, our flight to ATL and then MCO was completely and totally uneventful! Baby M decided that the airport was her new playground, and stayed awake the ENTIRE time we were there (9pm – 12:30 am due to a flight delay), but then fell asleep 10 seconds after she finished her “don’t let the pressure kill my ears” bottle. And she slept the WHOLE WAY. And when we had to make a connection in ATL? Well, wouldn’t ya know she took yet another nap. Awesome.

And guess where we were only 2 hours after we stepped off the plane? If you guessed the Magic Kingdom.. you’re right! We rode Dumbo, the Jungle Cruise and even messed with some pirates (Arrrrgh!) on our first few hours of fun in the sun… and we didn’t let up from there on out!

I’ll be sure to download some photos tonight and wrap up the trip quickly… and also provide a few travel tips as well. But I had to just rush in and leave this message before I neglected the blog for too long…

Happy 2011 everyone!!!