kids songs: part 1

Baby M is addicted to kids music. I mean, she loves music in general, but she is somehow insanely perky when a “kids” song pops on the radio. I’m not sure if it’s because they play a lot of music in her daycare class and have dance sessions every afternoon, but there’s something she truly loves about them.

And, as a parent of a kids song loving daughter, I’ve grown to love and hate certain songs that are played on SIRIUS/XM’s kids radio station or that pop through on Pandora as well. And I just figured I’d share some of my rants and raves every now and then with you… just in case your little one is ever in need of immediate satisfaction on the go. Just ask Michelle about the power of the Wiggles, “Hot Potato” on Baby M and the need to have it at the ready in any situation.


Kristin Andreassen “Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for your eyes” – This is probably my favorite kids song, and Baby M likes to clap along with this one.



Steve Martin “Late for School” – while technically not written for kids, it’s a perfect song for them. I find myself humming along and getting this song happily stuck in my head for hours on end.


TANGLED Soundtrack “I’ve Got a Dream” – Baby M adores this song, and I’m certain it’s Mr. M’s favorite right now as well.



Uncle Jim “I’ve Got a Butt” – this song irks me on so many levels, and it makes me change the channel every single time. Maybe I’m just a friend of butt humor… or just the fact that his mom calls him “Uncle” … or that a song is cool and worthwhile if it involves scientific names?


Keith Munslow “The Leftovers” – this song has scared me into cleaning out the fridge pretty much every other day… and it’s just played too many times to be loved. *sigh*