re-do at Target

This Sunday, “the best dresses” of Target’s 5-year GO International collection comes back to stores one more time! Essentially, if you missed out on getting one of the coveted items the first time around, you’ve got one more chance to do it! I’m excited because I lived in LA at the start of the collection, and my chances of getting an item were slim to none. But with our awesome local Target just up the street, I’m thinking that there just might be some dresses for me to try on at opening!

Look 8Look 19

Look 26Look 27

Look 28Look 32

I mean, Miss L is excited already! Heck, she’s sporting her Liberty of London dress from last year!


  • Maya

    Miss L is such a cutie :) I’m so excited for this too– I have a date with a friend to scout out at the local Target at 8 AM on Sunday!

  • Charmi

    Miss L has the cutest faces! Gah I’ll be in NYC on Sunday and then going to rural Minnesota for work but hopefully there will be something left on Monday for me :)