Miss L loves her baby signs

We have had lots of friends teach their children signs as babies and infants. And the second that I saw a 15 month old sign “potty” to his Dad so that he knew to change his diaper, I was so sold! Giving kids a language when word mastery is still developing is insanely valuable, especially to parents who fear the howls and screams.

We are lucky that our daycare center encourages signing and reinforces them with Miss L. You know it helps them tremendously in managing 12-14 toddlers at a time!

For learning signs, I’ve found the Baby Sign ASL program ($4.99) on my iPhone to be wonderful! The videos are very clear and easy to follow and learn.

In case you haven’t seen a child sign before, here’s a little video of Miss L and two of her mastered signs: eat/food and more.


  • Carolyn C.

    Our old neighbors had two boys and the mom taught them both sign language when they were very very little. We spent a lot of time with these kids and it really was so useful, especially when they were tired or cranky, to let us know what they needed instead of screaming like you said. It was great to see ‘Miss L’ using it as well. So now that I’ve seen it work in two families, that’s all I need — I am totally going to do this with my kids when we have them :)

  • Megan

    Oh that’s awesome! I’ve heard so much about teaching kids how to sign before they can talk, but I’ve never seen it in practice! Good job, Miss L :)

  • Kira @ hernewleaf

    I work with kids with disabilities and have taught a lot of basic/adaptive sign – I can’t wait to teach it to my babies some day! Good for Miss L for catching on – what other signs does she know?