an evolution of glasses


I just picked up my newest pair of glasses (top) … so I thought I’d pull out all of my glass frames from the past 10 years to show you how I’ve changed. I’m usually a contacts girl 24/7, but when cases of pink-eye arise or my eyeballs just get worn out, I turn into Marian, Lady Librarian.

Top: Dior
2nd: Nicole Miller
3rd: Cynthia Rowley
4th: Vogue

Judging from the evolution of my frame designers, I’d say I’m all grown up now. Not sure whose frames I can wear when I turn 40? Is Chanel more old-lady than Dior? Or maybe Armani? Guess we’ll find out! My first pair of glasses were purple wire Oliver Peoples with clip on sunglasses in 7th grade. Now those were fun…


  • Nodakademic

    Cute! Love them all, especially the two latest pairs. I think when you are older, you should get Valentinos. That’s what the hip older gals I know are wearing. haha

  • HamiHarri

    That last photo is adorable!

    My first pair were in grade 6 – thin black wire frames. It would be neat to look back on my collection, but they are all destroyed before I get knew ones.

  • Jade

    What a great post, I love seeing the progression! I like that you have kept to the same shape that works with your face shape, but wearing a more grown up version through the years. That Dior pair looks great! I really hope Chanel doesn’t scream “40 year old” , my current frames are Chanel!

  • Laura

    I have been wearing glasses/contacts since I was in 2nd grade. I’m over 40 & I can assure you that you don’t have to wear old lady glasses :) But I do know as I’ve gotten older with more responsibilities, I wear contacts less and less.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have not been able to locate the CommentLuv. I signed into twitter on the 9th, but could not find anybody…

  • DisgruntledMom

    I wear contacts most of the time. Sadly, I have pictures somewhere of me in the ’80s big, round lens w/ plastic frames phase. It was tough to be a teen in those specks!

  • Kimberly

    Love the evolution! My first pair of glasses was by the “Peanuts” brand… Charlie Brown. Yay for a 5th grader with glasses! I was hot stuff. lol.

    Just last year I graduated to Dolce & Gabbana frames. They are my fav. I love yours without the frame around the bottom. I have a Versace pair like that but they aren’t nearly as cute!