coping for the first days/nights away

On Friday night, I spent my first day/night away from Miss L since she was born. On Saturday, it was my second day/night away. And on Sunday night, I returned home to a sleeping baby and Mr. M happily relaxing with some video games and a Morimoto Soba Ale.

People are always shocked to hear the length of time that usually passes between birth and the “first visit away” from their child. I guess I’m less shocked now, because unless a specific circumstance presents itself, you usually just don’t spend the night away from your kid. This circumstance was a conference for work just as Mr. M has spent nights away for out-of-town work. Maybe a trip away (like a no-kids wedding) or a girl’s/boy’s weekend would create that circumstance, but mostly those are the exceptions rather than the rule to what moms and dads do.

So how did I cope with the situation? I ate… and ate… and ate some more…

No seriously! I concentrated on the work I had to do, and around that I made lots of reservations and looked forward to each meal instead of letting my mind wander to what I was missing at home. Luckily the photos and text messages that were sent throughout the weekend helped as well… but never underestimate the value of a full tummy!

I had originally thought it would be fun for Mr. M and Miss L to accompany me on the business trip and explore New Orleans along with me when I wasn’t doing work. But after the trip, I realize just how much more enjoyable it was for them to stay at home. No hassle with multiple airplane trips, the humidity, and the humanity, and trying to make things work for her in a short period of time in a new location. Instead, they got to picnic at the lake, visit Apple Hill, stroll around downtown and head to the museum for lunch, and just relax on a nice weekend. And I think I can cope with missing them a bit easier knowing how much fun they had.

And just for proof… here’s how I added a few pounds to my frame this weekend:

Dinner at Domenica: spicy lamb pizza, veal & banana zuppa inglese

Breakfast at Zoe: (they were out of bananas for the bananas foster waffles) oatmeal & coffee

Lunch at Luke: gumbo and pork cheeks/greens/biscuit

Dinner at Louisiana Bistro: crawfish beignets, blackened trout with garlic mashed potatoes, buffalo short-ribs with sweet potatoes and sausage

Breakfast at Café Beignet: beignets and iced coffee

Lunch: Vietnamese egg rolls from NOLA (at the French Quarter Festival)


Now here’s the irony of my first trip away… it will be followed up by yet another trip away this weekend. And upon my return, I’m sure I’ll be ready to play with Miss L for hours on end and eat all of the Cheerios that she tries to feed me.


  • Michelle

    I’m glad you had a good trip #1 to NOLA! I hope #2 is even better and that Mr. M and Miss L. have another great weekend together. The weather should be nice here this weekend so I’m sure they will have lots of adventures together when you are gone!

  • HamiHarri

    Another milestone, hey? I often think about the circumstances in which we would leave Clara for the first time…I think it would also involve food and sleeping in! :)

    PS You are truly one adventurous eater based on that menu – yowza!

  • Julie

    The food sounds incredible! It is tough to leave them at home, that is for sure. But it is definitely a little easier the second time!

  • EP

    It was a hard lesson for me to learn that accompanying the spouse on business trips was just not as cool as I would have thought. But also a good lesson, as we don’t go anywhere unless we can afford a suite.
    I’m definitely looking forward to my trip to Denver at the end of May…blissfully alone!