thanks for the memories ScanCafe

Before I grabbed my APS film scanner on eBay, I had sent away 4 rolls of film to ScanCafe to be scanned courtesy of a ridiculous $50 off coupon. In the end, I paid a whole $7 to digitally transfer my memories from my summer in Europe in 2001. (Check for updated coupon codes)

From start to finish, the process was incredibly easy and painless. I packaged up my film, sent it to them using a mailing label they sent me, dropped it off at a UPS Store, opened the email from them and chose which pictures I wanted to keep online, paid online for the photos, and waited for my box to return to me. Nothing got lost and all of the scans came out really great!

I was scared and skeptical after my friend Michelle’s experience with ScanCafe, but I’m glad I took a chance and got these memories in high res and stored on my FLICKR account for eternity. (p.s. she had an awesome experience with

(This was after watching Lance Armstrong win his 3rd Tour de France – you can’t see my super awesome American Flag shirt – but it got us free beer from the crazy Dutch fans where we were sitting)

Biking in Tuscany…

… at the top of Mount Pilatus…


… and check out these super awesome pictures as well! NO ONE gets memories like this anymore thanks to the beauty of picture preview on digital cameras!

If you thought this was an exciting post, just wait until I share the awesomeness of the Kodak autofeed scanner with you! Your old photo life will never be the same!