the b-day present from Mr. M: 31st edition

I don’t blog a lot about presents and usually keep the gifting gab to myself around birthdays and Christmas. But this time, I’m going to brag… because Mr. M’s b-day present was so thoughtful and awesome, I just have to share.

Mr. M would love to buy me jewelry or clothes for special occasions. Sadly, I don’t wear necklaces or earrings (FMS neck/head pain kicks in from even the lightest little things), and buying clothes in any physical store is usually a lost bet due to my tall sizing issues. So gifting becomes a challenge for him… and the frustrations are always voiced after the celebrations are over.

But this year, he went against the cardinal rules and bought me clothes. In a store.

But here’s the catch: the clothes are from a designer in town… and she works off of the samples from the line to customize the clothing for you! Yes… how amazing is that? He said he wanted me to have a “Project Runway” model fitting moment. (and yes… he’s amazing for sitting through season after season of Heidi and Tim with me)

So what did he pick out? Why this lovely suit:

Caren Templet – 2011 Spring/Summer Runway Show

(Do you see the awesome dark fabric in the slit? So awesome!)

While Mr. M told me about my present at the beginning of April, the samples for the suit hadn’t arrived until last week. So I went in for my “fitting” on Saturday and just had the most wonderful time chatting with Caren and checking out the rest of her wonderful store!

And guess what? My jacket (sized as an 8 with her) needs to be 1.5” longer, the waist cinch needs to be dropped 2” and the sleeves need an extra 2” as well! This is why I don’t buy jackets that aren’t made of sweat material EVER in a store!

I promise I’ll be back with photos of it in real life after it’s finished and finally in my closet. In the meantime… Mr. M gets another round of BIG HUGE Thank You’s from me for being so thoughtful and sweet!

(p.s. AND he surprised me for dinner last night with Miss L. He pretended like he was going to play softball/Ultimate and told me to take the day and enjoy it for myself… but our friend CM called and invited me out to a birthday cocktail. And guess who was already sitting down outside when we took our drinks out to get dinner? Yuppers… how sweet!)