loving the royal wedding is in the family


[Jane Hornsby]

Mr. M was baffled as to why I wanted to sleep on the couch and wake up at 2am to watch this morning’s wedding festivities. I told him my British blood wouldn’t let me sleep through it.

My Grandma L was British to the core. She may have found her way from the UK to California after marriage and via British Columbia as a child, but despite the 70+ years of US residence, she was an afternoon tea observing, bad meat cooking, Royal Doulton mug collecting Brit to her bones. Additionally, my Grandmother was an extremely avid doll collector (to the tune of 10,000+ dolls). She collected what she liked, discarded their clothes for ones she sewed or crocheted herself, and kept as many on display as she could within her house. And while she didn’t like to spend lots of money on her collecting, when she did… it was for very special occasions.

So what does an extremely British doll lover do when a royal wedding approaches? Why… she collects royal wedding dolls!

She had two huge Charles and Diana dolls displayed prominently in a waist-high glass display case in their front entry. I can remember just oogling over all of the details of their fancy doll wedding attire and never being allowed to touch even the glass that they looked upon. There were other royal wedding souvenirs that shared the spotlight, and multiple other Diana dolls scattered around the house. Even after the divorce, the dolls stayed displayed with pride… because, gosh darnit, they were pretty dolls and it was a beautiful wedding. However, I do remember how Fergie’s reputation in the household wavered back and forth through the tabloid scandals, as allegiance to the Queen’s opinion was still pretty high on her list.

I woke up early early early this morning to witness a rare unifying happy event, and I made sure I made a memory like the ones my grandma cherished so deeply.


  • HamiHarri

    We love the Royal Wedding in this house too! A friend hosted a wedding viewing party, but if she hadn’t we would’ve had one here :)

    Beauitful, lovely wedding. And simply done, if such a thing can be said about Royal Weddings.