everyone gets a tiny print for every occasion

I like to visit my mailbox each day. It’s a little retreat to one of the “slow paced” things in life… and the surprises that might be hidden inside. And I like to send those gifts of love in the mail whenever I can!

So when I stumbled upon the “Super Sender” greeting card club at TinyPrints, I really thought it was too good to be true. You get 3 free cards when you sign up, and then each additional card you send is only $1.99 ($2.61 total when you mail it with a stamp to your recipient). Oh, and you can schedule the exact day you want it to arrive, add pictures galore, personalize almost every detail of the card, and it’s on super thick cardstock that would rival the quality of most store-bought cards that are double the price?

Yeah… you can see why I thought this was a total hoax.

For the year, the “membership” cost will be $17… but that includes 3 free cards as well. So, essentially it’ll cost less than $10 to send out cards at $1.99 each, so I break even with the subscription after 5 cards! (Other companies have cards too… but they cost $3.99 each with shipping).

And let me tell you… in just 3 months, I’ve already sent 7 cards! It’s addicting… but oh so worth it!

For Mother’s Day:



For Easter:


For Birthdays:


Oh… and there are plenty of formats that don’t even need pictures (like the one above), but you can still personalize the names and greetings on the cards.

Let’s just say that this has revolutionized my love/hate relationship with the post office, stamps and the insane price of cards that you find in the stores with the crowns or the bulls-eye.

If you’re a mom and need to send out photos and greetings from kids, you need to visit TinyPrints. If you’re the friend who never forgets a birthday, you need to visit TinyPrints. If you just want to be awesome and make someone smile the next time they visit their mailbox, you need to visit TinyPrints.

[This is a non-compensated endorsement. Nothing but loads of enthusiasm created this post]


  • Colleen C

    This sounds like an awesome situation for me. I hate, hate, hate the post office and trying to remember to buy cards. This way I can create the card whenever I remember it and post it to send on the right date?? Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah G

    This is awesome–thanks for posting about it!
    I went to sign up and don’t see how to make the first year free (after the first 3 cards)…did you need a coupon code?

  • Janet

    Hey, cool! I love Tiny Prints. I’ve had good experiences with them – got my best friend’s baby shower invites from them (recycled paper too!). Plus they’re localish – I think they are in Menlo Park!

  • E @ Oh!Apostrophe

    You tweeted (I think) about this once before and I checked it out… amazing deal! I used it for the first time on mother’s day and I’m definitely going to be using it in the future. I am SO lazy about getting to the post office/having stamps… these make my life so much easier and are way cuter too. My mom and grandmother RAVED about the cards they got.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

  • Monica

    OMG I adore Tiny Prints. We used them for our Christmas card this past year. Love love love. Thanks for sharing this – I will have to sign up and send G loads of cards while he is deployed!

  • Monica

    Just clicked the link and can’t seem to find the Super Sender thing. Any idea where to look? I even searched for it but found nothing.

  • TwoWishes Tara

    Great idea! I’m terrible about printing out photos to share with far-away family, so this would be a handy way to combine photos and greetings. I think I’ll sign up!

  • ep

    I use, and love them! They do note cards, invitations, and cards, and have a completely online option, (30 dollars), which is fabulous since I have decided that paper cards are just too wasteful. But the awesome thing about cocodot is that I can send an actual card for 99 cents if I want to as well.

    I’ll have to look and see if Tiny Prints has an e-version only.