speaking of strawberries… have you had strawberry beer?

Before I left for my two back-to-back weekend trips to New Orleans in April, my friend CM told me to be on the lookout for Strawberry Beer. She asked me to keep my eyes peeled, drink it whenever I got the chance, and to trick USPS to turn their head and ship some back in boxes to her in California.

Well… whenever I saw it on the menu, I ordered it as instructed. And then the waiter would let me know that it wasn’t in season and they had run out of last year’s supply. I never saw it any of the super exciting liquor stores I peeked into. Thus, after 7 days in New Orleans, I had failed in my mission.

But I figured the least I could do was gift my pal a case of it for the summer anyhow. So I went online to see where I could order it… and lo and behold, the strawberry beer was hanging out RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES the whole time!


Can you guess where I found Abita Strawberry Harvey Lager? If you said Cost Plus World Market, you’d be so right! Our local market also carries Abita beer, and hopefully after my pleas to carry this variety I’ll have a supplier within 2 miles of home. It really is as yummy as you’d imagine strawberries and beer would be together!

And as for my friend CM? I txt’d her the good news, and the next day she filled her SUV with 4 cases of beer. We are both