for those happy anniversaries

[image from Angela Hardison]

For this year’s anniversary, I used inspiration from Angela Hardison to create a small set of “cards” to include with this year’s gift. I only wish I had stumbled upon this wonderfulness earlier!

FX PhotoStudio Image

I went ahead and created a PDF template that you can download for yourself for Years 2-5 right here. You can handwrite your items or edit it in your favorite graphics program! Just print them out on #10 paper (like these cards from Paper Source), cut them in half, and enjoy!


    • kimberly michelle

      Aw… I didn’t create one for year 1, because I thought that might be a little odd and seem sparse. But… being that it is the paper anniversary…

      I’ll try to get back on the computer and add “Year 1” to the mix as well!

  • casey byrd

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  • pao

    This is such an adorable idea! My first anniversary is also coming up, and… yes, you are right, it might seem a lil empty, but how cute would it be, after several years, to look at all the cards together?
    Thanks for sharing this idea, and for the template. Love it!

  • Catherine

    thanks for the great idea…our 19th anniversary is coming up
    June 25th…I hope to have a golf towel made for my Lovie with 19 on it. His Buddies will think it’s for the “19th Hole” but he will know it’s for 19 Pretty Great Years… I also hope to use your template to help me create a card for 1Lovie Things…