take time to explore the world with your little one


I often see parents posting questions about whether or not their child will enjoy visiting TheXYZPlace or LMNOPLand. Some have general curiousity, since they themselves have never gone and aren’t sure what’s about to happen on a visit. Or if it’s worth the out-of-the-way jaunt or $20. My responses to these questions are almost always the same…

I’m of the “just do it” crowd… because if it’s something you know you’ll enjoy, then the experience becomes 1000x better when your child enjoys it along with you. Some people probably thought it was silly to take a 6-month old to an aquarium, but Miss L feel in love with the fishies on that trip and we were swallowed by her eyes andclaps and oohs and ahhs! And taking her to Walt Disney World at 11 months? You’ve never seen anyone love “Its’s a Small World” more than she did that day. And monthly trips to the zoo? Almost a requisite at this point… so much so that I think she expects the giraffes and monkeys will visit her in our backyard.

Are all of these outings necessary and needed? Not at all! But don’t be afraid to keep exploring the world and bring your baby along for the ride. Art museums, fair exhibits (petting the cows and goats too!), sporting events, just do it! You’ll find your enthusiasm is contagious and that these spots are the perfect classrooms to teach your little one about the world! Now you may have to leave early, or fight crowds with a stroller, or deal with a delayed afternoon nap. I won’t deny that at all. But deviating from the schedule can be pretty fun despite the short-term costs.

Last weekend we went to the CA State Fair. This weekend, we’re heading into San Francisco to watch the marathon (and cheer on Auntie Audrey!). It may take a little extra effort, but so far we’ve reaped the rewards ten-fold.


  • vir

    Amen to this post. Our approach is like yours and I can totally relate to how rewarding it is, even if there are rough spots while traveling.

  • Maegan

    Same here! We take our son (21 months) almost everywhere and have been since the beginning. Of course some outings went smoother than others, and often I’m surprised at how much he enjoys something, as a little guy he’s seeing things new and for the first time. Today I took him on the metro into downtown, we got lunch, and then hopped on the metro home, it was a fun outing and he loved being on the train.

    Great post!

  • Michelle @ A Little P

    Totally! I don’t have kids yet but when we do, we plan to take them everywhere. Let them explore and learn. I traveled a LOT when I was a kid and I have so many great memories of those times…

  • Stephanie

    We are already doing this with HUT – museums, vacations, sporting events, etc. He goes where we go – and we are so happy to have him along with us! Truth be told, we’ll do these same things year in and year out with him and love it each and every time!