epidemic of kitchen injuries

I was driving back from Monterey on July 4th when I got a call from Mr. M. “Don’t panic, but I’ve cut my finger and I’m going to the emergency room.”  Oh boy. No context, just the additional fact that our neighbor was driving him and his mom would pick him up. So what did he do?

My mind was racing and scared, because I knew he had some tablesaw projects he was working on while I was gone. When he called back a bit later, he eased my fears by sharing that it was my Mother’s Day present that did him in.

A kitchen mandoline.

Five stitches later… he’s scared to ever touch that thing again.

I know how he feels, even though my injury was much less severe. You see, in June, I “grated” my knuckle instead of a lime. Seriously. I’ve never yelped so loudly in the kitchen and that would took a heck of a long time to heal as well. Needless to say, I haven’t touched the grater since…

So when I got a ZESTN’EST in the mail to sample and try out, I was actually really excited! I wasn’t sure when/if I’d get the courage up to zest again (seriously… I almost through the zester out the other day), but with this little gadget I’ll never worry again.


Basically, the shape of the zester fits your hand, the blades are safe and designed to cut citrus (not just anything… like your hand), and it stores all of the zest neatly in the container instead of having to maneuver your zester over a bowl/cutting board/etc. And you can even store the zest in the container (it comes with a little plastic lid as well). It’s made by the folks who invented that ingenious BeaterBlade, so you know they’ve got some design mojo in their back pocket!

Anyhow, it’s a pretty darn ingenious product, and I think it’d be a great housewarming gift for anyone who loves to bake/cook. (It’s only $14.95 on Amazon!) My hands are very very happy to have it.

Now if anyone knows of a super safe mandoline, we just might be in the market to buy one of those…


  • Meagan

    I cut the tip of my finger with my Mom’s mandolin over 5 years ago and still refuse to touch it!!

  • kelsey

    How cool!! I’m terrified of mandolins. But I know they can do wonders. Glad to hear Mr. M is ok. And, I love your new gadget!

  • Mandy

    My husband and I have both had terrible cuts from the mandoline slicer! I had to go to the ER, and unfortunately, they couldn’t stitch me up since I lopped the entire tip of my finger off! It’s healed, but it still hurts when I hit it wrong. I still use my mandoline, but I wear a thick oven mitt every time now! Haven’t had any incidents since.

  • violarulz/duksandbooks

    what about those metal mesh cutting gloves? When I worked at the bakery we used (with a plastic glove over it) them when slicing stuff, wearing them on the opposite hand as the knife. I never tested it, but it made me feel safe and I made cuts a lot more efficiently!

  • serena @bigapplenosh

    Scary!! And also coincidentally there was a small mandoline discussion in my blog comments today. But I’ve definitely grated my knuckles before – this lil’ Zest Nest seems really cute and safe!

  • talda

    ouch! glad mr. m is ok! i’ve always been nervous about using my mom’s mandolin so i make sure to go as slowly as possible. i have a feeling the second i get comfy with it the accident will happen.

    and I can’t help but think of a pedi-egg when I see that zest nest!

  • Michelle

    mandolins scare the bejezus outta me. seriously, i know i would get so much use out of one but i have such a fear of them. i may need to look into your little zester as safety first is my kitchen motto :)

    i also laughed that mr. m gave you no context on the cut. pq has done that to me countless times and don’t know which i want to do more- shake him or hug him!