how do you take your conference calls?

Do you need coffee? Water? Something to hydrate yourself?

Do you mute and only unmute when absolutely necessary?

Do you take notes or do you rely on the “notetaker” to send you what you need?

Do you do yoga poses while alone in your office? Or do you exchange notes with others when you’re all sitting around the round table?

Do you listen intently all the time, or just some of the time?

I always wonder what the others on the call are doing. Are they sitting at home and eating breakfast? Or calling in from their hotel in some exotic locale like Cleveland?

Just imagine the day, soon in the future, when everyone will be using a “Face-Time/skype” interface and everyone will just be staring you down at a computer screen, looking upon all the other little faces that pop up on the screen. Instead of dressing down for days full of phone meetings, you’ll have to dress up like you do for real ones.

Until then, I’m sipping my hot morning coffee and stretching. And if I need to… pacing around the room so that I can stay engaged in the conversation at hand.

So what happens at your desk/in your office during those infamously lovely calls?


  • Cindy

    I usually have it on mute until I absolutely have to speak, so I can eat/drink/cruise the internet in peace. If my boss is in the room with me, we’re poking fun at the other call participants.

  • Layla

    I leave it on mute unless I need to talk, and I honestly just sit and stare intently at the phone. I don’t know why…I guess I can’t concentrate otherwise.

  • Heidi

    I’m a headphone wearing person because I hate speaker phone with a passion. I tend to keep myself on mute because I like to type up notes and I’m not a fan of people hearing my loud and fast typing skills. TMI, but I always make sure to go to the bathroom pre-call because I got stuck once half-way through a marathon 3-hr call and had to pee really bad. That was the worst 90 minutes of my life!

    And I always keep water near by!

  • Michelle

    I keep it on mute until I have something to add ?(which is rare). I also find myself doing various barre moves or stretching. I hope things are better today and you got to enjoy that cupcake! xo

  • stacey

    I don’t conference call for work (teacher) but for almost any phone call I like to be pacing. I’m not a phone person in general, so walking around helps me focus and get through the phone call!