iced tea is nice tea: kusmi iced tea & giveaway

Remember when I made that awesome hibiscus mint iced tea a few weeks back? Well, ever since, I’ve gotten myself completely hooked on iced tea! This time around, I decided to try brewing some tea that was intended for ice, and opted for the new Iced Teas from Kusmi.

Kusmi teas have been around for over 140 years, but are just now becoming a more globally recognized brand. You may have heard or seen their “I love Detox” teas in stores… as that’s what always catches my eye in the tea aisle at Nugget.

The mixed box comes with 12 different varieties [Detox (Mate, green tea and lemongrass); Anastasia (Bergamot, lemon and orange blossom); Genmaicha (Japanese green tea with popped rice and corn); Label Imperial (Green tea, orange and cinnamon); Kashmir Tchai (Black tea and spices); Strawberry Green Tea; Ginger-lemon green tea; Spearmint green tea with Nanah mint leaves; Sweet Love (Black tea, guarana, spices and pink pepper); Be Cool (Caffeine free blend, liquorice and peppermint); Green tea scented with rose petals] but I quickly chose the Strawberry Green Tea as my first test case!


Friends… believe me when I tell you that “smell-o-web” should be invented just for me to share the amazing fragrance of this tea with you! Opening the envelope was an absolute explosion of freshly picked strawberry fields… and I think I even got a little sad when I realized that this was my only dose of strawberry iced tea in the box.

The instructions for brewing are quite simple – but in metric units, so don’t be alarmed. Simply place 2 tea bags in 1/4 L of simmering water (aka. 8.5 fl oz.).


Then add that mixture to 1 L of water (aka 34 fl oz) and add ice as needed to dilute it to your preferred taste!


I also whipped up a batch of simple syrup, and added about 2 T of it to the tea to sweeten things up. Efficient and yummy and perfectly sweet!

I’m not quite sure what the next flavor to try will be… but I’m thinking either the Label Imperial (Green tea, orange and cinnamon) or Ginger-lemon green tea.

What flavor would you want to try?



Giveaway: Kusmi Iced Teas

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