the post where kim creates yet another Disney item of clothing from a coloring book

I like Disney coloring books. They provide me with simple lines to copy and really make something unique. You may remember the first wearable crafting endeavor with the Sleeping Beauty Castle bleach shirt circa January 2009. Then came Dumbo in bleach in September of that year.

Now… let me introduce you to the latest in wearable Disney coloring book clothing for
kid’s resort wear in 2011…


… the Dumbo dress!



Now since I really had no idea how well this would work out, I didn’t take pictures of the entire process. So I guess I’ll have to come back here after we get back and make another applique to share the “how” of everything with you! I mean, Miss L does need an outfit for our next trip back in January!



So I promise to be back with the instructions shortly, and then you can get to making your own coloring book applique’s for anything you want!

[p.s. this is my first applique of any type… so I was definitely pretty nervous about every single step. I’d like to thank my sewing machine for leading me confidently through all the steps of dress creation through to the end of the applique process!]