stepping back and moving forward

Earlier this summer, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went and had brunch with a bunch of strangers in town. I knew no one there, but we all shared one thing in common: we were sorority sisters. It was an alumnae event for our regional group, and while I knew it existed, I didn’t have any friends that I could pal up with and attend. But by the end of all the noshing and talking, I really regretted not jumping into the foray sooner.

While I was there, a few women asked if I’d be interested in helping out with the local chapter at CSU Sacramento. Little did I know that a small “yes” would lead me back into Greek life full swing… but just on a completely different side than before. The majority of my advising will take place this fall as I help out the New Member Education program and all that comes with it… and it started with Bid Day on Tuesday night.


When you talk about sisterhood and being a member for life, you usually acknowledge that the majority of that could be one giant cliché. And I guess it could be… if that’s how you frame it. A social club in college and no more. But then little things creep into your life and you start to realize it was something bigger than just your little house on your campus.

The girls sang some songs and chants that night, and performed the first ritual of many to come, and it was suddenly 2000 all over again. I saw my best college friends all around me, and I really yearned to have one more night sitting in the hallway of the sorority house and just chatting away about nothing with some of the best people I’ve ever known. Heck, I posted a facebook update about remembering all the songs, and people hopped out of the woodwork to comment.

Right now, I’m happy to be devoting some positive energy back into something that meant a lot to me then and still holds a lot of meaning now. And if I make some more new friends out of sisters, then that will just be the added bonus of all of it…


  • Janet

    It’s very cool you’ve gotten involved and helping out a local chapter. I should look into that…

    It was totally fun having that flashback on Facebook… even if you did get those songs stuck in our heads. ;)

  • Katie

    Aw, I love that you got involved! I would love to help out a local chapter of my sorority, but the closest one is about an hour away from my house, so I kind of haven’t made the effort. It would be interesting to see how their chapter runs though since it wasn’t my school!