the stripes of the week… for sale

I’m sure you heard all about the Missoni for Target madness this week… or were even one of the lucky/unlucky few who chose to partake in the crazy that was sold out stores, line-ups at dawn and a website that just kept crashing and crashing and crashing again.

The stories on twitter were epic… and mostly in a bad way. It just goes to show you that there is a market price for everything… and that people crave luxury at lower prices. I really thought Vera Wang was a genius when she marked all of her gowns down a few years ago instead of the trend of ever increasing prices. Her people obviously paid attention to her simple demand curves in economics, and can now ensure that more of her pieces are priced where people can and will buy them.

Anyhow… enough about silly economic market factors on luxury goods… let’s talk about a Friday surprise!

I stopped by Target yesterday morning, and low and behold… there were a few straggling pieces still left on the shelf! So, with the knowledge that I could return them really easily if I needed to, I snatched them up and am having a little garage sale here! But at the normal prices of course!


Women's MISSONI for Target® Zig Zag Pattern Flats - Multicolor

Zig Zag Pattern Flats – Multicolor 

$29.99 original price + tax + shipping = $40.00-$45.00 (depending where you live)



Missoni for Target® Pleated Knit Skirt - Multicolor Stripe

Pleated Knit Skirt – Multicolor Stripe

$39.99 original price + tax + [flat rate] shipping = $48

SIZE: Large

If you’re interested in buying any of these… send me a note at and I’ll send you the paypal invoice and they’ll be on their way shortly!

I’ll update this page if someone completes the order as well!

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