our dvr network settings for fall 2011

Our (not-so) little DVR will be busy again soon with all the new fall shows popping up… here’s what network TV we’ll be taping on the hard drive…


Monday = HIMYM, Rachel Bilson’s Back on the CW (aka. Hart of Dixie), Castle


Tuesday = Glee, Zooey’s show (aka. New Girl)


Wednesday = Christina Applegate’s new show (aka. Up All Night)  & the best comedy on TV (aka. Modern Family)


Thursday = Big Bang Theory & Vampire Diaries


Friday = Chuck  (Grimm is a maybe… it looks scary, but I might be required to do the obligatory “watch friend from school who is on the show” thing a few times)


Saturday =  ???  (Thank God for Football? And Netflix?)


Sunday = Once Upon a Time, The Amazing Race (maybe… only if it’s good), and football will be watched & not recorded!

I have to admit that the summer shows do a really good job of bridging the season gap, so I barely even realized I was missing so many things. I’d like to thank TNT and USA for their wonderful programming this summer…

So, anything you think we’re missing out on??


  • Cindy

    I rely so much on hulu – I never catch Modern Family live, I’m always watching something else – X-Factor, American Idol, plain old forgetfulness. I LOVE Castle. I’m so sad I got into late – last season was awesome.

    People keep raving about Parks and Rec, I need to check that out.

    HIMYM and Big Bang I wind up watching on the internet the day after.

  • Kelly | Blushink

    I watch alot of what you have up there but I’m not on the Modern Family wagon just yet. (i know i need too) We also watch The Playboy Club, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and Panam (still hasn’t premiered yet)

    I watched the first season of Vampire Diaries but never continued watching it. Maybe I should. So much TV so little time. ahhhh

  • atout

    I am such a TV fan. I just watched the premiere of 2 Broke Girls and kinda loved it and also second the Parks & Recreation vote.