2013 in rebates


You know I’m an eternal coupon girl… well, at least in the online world. Before every purchase, I check to see if there’s a coupon or a rebate to be had at that store… an extra 2-3 minutes and I’m saving pennies! I drive people (Mr. M) crazy by making him NOT purchase things until there’s a coupon… or checking for a discount…. paying full price when I don’t have it to is so my “tick.” Think that’s movie worthy?


I know people always talk about how great the rebate sites are, and even though they’re just part of how I shop now, I thought I’d prove to you just how awesome they really are. In 2013, those pennies added up to $142.69 from a combined total of 3 rebate sites! Not too shabby if you ask me!



Mr. Rebates




2012 TOTAL



My formula is as follows:

1) Shop. Find something I love. Add it to my cart. THEN… go hunting for “bonus savings.”

2) Visit a meta-savings site to find out which rebate gateway to “click through.”  (i.e. or

3) Use a coupon code that I found on one of those sites, or search real quick for any additional coupons.

4) Sit back and wait for the rebate check to surprise me in the mail or my PayPal account!

For more details on my whole crazy online shopping “scheme” just click here (for a post about it back in 2011).


  • Amanda

    I loved that post you originally did – I had it bookmarked for MONTHS! :) I think it’s awesome that you saved so much! I was so good about doing all of that when I shopped more often, but I’ve had to cut back on my online shopping so I always remember to search for a coupon but I almost always forget eBates. So cool so see how it can all add up!!

  • Jeannie

    Hi! New reader here. Thanks for the heads up on Mr. Rebates and Bigcrumbs! I didn’t know about either of these sites so I just signed up through your links. Hope you get the referral credit!