pillow talk

Hi. My name is Kim and I don’t like to buy more than 2 pillows/pillow covers at a time.

I blame it on the fact that pillows/pillow covers are insanely expensive for what they are. Or rather, more than 2 at once seems like a frivolous expense that just doesn’t need to be made for the sake of pretty. And that I like to decorate incrementally instead of just buying everything in one bundle and “getting it done.”

Well… that’s sort of the exact opposite of how Mr. M decorates. He likes to buy en masse and just be “done” with everything at once. And I guess my incremental decorating of the living room had finally given him pause this weekend, especially in the pillow department. Allegedly some of my pillow choices were too neutral? (Those ones were $1.99 at Restoration Hardware outlet – I bought three of those!) And the rest were too mismatched? So when we escaped to the mall for some shopping and a/c on Sunday, he insisted that I return with all new pillows no matter the cost.

So I bit my lip determined to push past my fears of “spending too much money on pillows”, and pressed my way through every store in search of a new set of pillows… and after searching Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm & JC Penney, I ended up with this:


Pottery Barn was full of pillows that were the same color as the couch (Seriously?). Crate & Barrel had pillows, but no pillow covers I loved. JC Penney had tons of small pillows but no large coordinated pillows. But West Elm… ah… they had the right everything and they were on sale.


I got two of the island stripe large pillows & covers, two Allegra Hicks woven wave covers..


… and three Allegra Hicks flower covers. (Look how I snuck in one of the old Pottery Barn big pillows to keep!)

And in the end it didn’t turn out too badly at all for me. I found pillows that we both like. The cost of 7 new pillows wasn’t that extreme ($160)


I’m glad that Miss L was kept entertained by Mom & Dad L in the car during my stop at West Elm too… or else I’m sure we would have ended up with a living room full of octopus & fishy pillows.

Octopus Silk Pillow CoverBetta Fish Silk Pillow Cover

I’m hoping my home decorating spending “fear” isn’t a rare condition… and that maybe some of you suffer from it as well…


  • Amanda

    Love it! We desperately need a ton of new pillows for the couch in our living room, but I have such a hard time spending money on throw pillows – they can be so expensive!

  • Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com

    Pillows really are insanely expensive, aren’t they? I don’t even like buying new bed pillows even when we desperately need them, because the price always scares me away. (Of course, I pay for this by waking up every morning with a stiff neck, but does that motivate me? No. I’m cheap.)

    I love your pillows, and absolutely adore the blue on your walls! We have a very high ceiling in our living room, too. I’d never thought to paint the lower parts of the wall one color, and the upper parts a different one. I’m off now to go look at my living room and figure out what colors to use. Thanks!