meet lincoln


This is Lincoln. He’s the newest member of the M family. He came home with us on Saturday morning (2/9/12) at 8 weeks old. He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner) that’s just as soft and cuddly as he looks. And, as Miss L loves to point out, “He has a tail!” And yes, I’m going to have to learn to love vacuuming very soon.


At this point, he’s smaller than Miss L and Memphis, but that will change in a matter of weeks. For now, we’re all just getting acquainted, and enjoying a “newborn” schedule of 2-hour wakeups throughout the night.


This is the first “big dog” for us… so we’ll see how it goes! Lincoln is already getting attached to everyone in the family, and wants to follow Memphis everywhere. We hope they turn out to be the perfect cuddle buddies, but if they just play and wrestle like these guys, we’ll be happy too.