what chefs feed their kids (+ giveaway!)

For Christmas, 2011, we were gifted with a copy of What Chefs Feed Their Kids: Recipes and Techniques for Cultivating a Love of Good Food by Mother & Father M. Miss L was just about to turn 2, and the we were in that strange stage of toddler eating where you start realizing that your child has strong taste buds and an appetite you’ll need to satisfy with something other than chicken nuggets if you want them to survive.

The premise of the book is great: cultivating a love of good food in kids. When you discover an inherent struggle in the kitchen between cooking for you, or just for your kid(s), or finding things for everyone, you sometimes just don’t know where to go. I love that it opens up your mind to flavors and textures and honing in on those things that kids love so you can make your food for them AND it will taste great too.


For instance, thinking of recipes/flavors like squash soup… and making it thicker for toddlers as puree and thinner for you (or as they grow up). Or bean dips? One of Miss L’s toddler staples was hummus, and we got to experiment a bunch with the flavors that she could explore just by adding ingredients to it. Or adding kale to scrambled eggs and making breakfast super nutritious? 

The recipes in the book are definitely “non-traditional” as far as kids meals go, but they get your mind going and include all kinds of great tips for each age range. For instance, when Miss L eats something spicy, she’ll often say, “That’s hot!” We’ve gotten in the habit of talking about the flavors of what we’re eating to discuss them, so that she now knows what it means when something is “spicy” or if it’s “hot in temperature” and feels a bit more in control of what she’s eating. And they encourage dips… which is pretty much a meal requisite in our house. We even have little dishes with a section for dip built in (thanks Mom L)! Maybe that’s why she loves Asian food so much…

Anyhow, I’m nuts for this book and wanted to share it with you too! In a very gracious response to my inquiry, I was given two copies of What Chefs Feed Their Kids: Recipes and Techniques for Cultivating a Love of Good Food to give away to you from the publishers. And to win, just leave a comment and share what your favorite home cooked meal was as a kid! It can be what you remember, or what your parents have shared with you… but maybe we’ll all get some more ideas from there as well! You can also earn extra entries from facebook and twitter!

Enter today through next Wednesday… and the winners will be drawn/posted on the site! Good luck!


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