a colorful 3rd birthday: rides and games and bears


On Miss L’s actual birthday, a Monday, we celebrated by taking her to a “Chuck E Cheese” like place known as John’s Incredible Pizza Company. Just imagine more space for games, some actual big rides inside, and unlimited pizza/donuts/Icees. In other words, heaven for the kiddos. Since it was a Monday night, we pretty much had the place to ourselves and let Miss L run around and play all the games/rides all the rides she wanted. Truly a kid in a candy store moment. It was lots of fun for all of us.


For her actual celebration though, we waited for all the Grandparents to be around for the weekend. And this time, we celebrated with a trip to the mall for a sushi lunch and her first trip to “Build A Bear.”


She picked out this crazy Rainbow Bear, along with a “Princess Tiana” dress and sparkly shoes, and named her “Beary.”

But then of course… there was one more big surprise, and cake. There’s always cake! (to be continued…)