Mr. M’s Movie Trivia: Week #1

Mr. M is a movie fanatic. He’s not quite a walking IMDB, but he’s pretty darn close when it comes to movies. And he’s one of those people that can fully remember quotes from the movie he just saw once months ago… and constantly stumps me with them in everyday conversation. In order to create some fun for his office (in non-fantasy football months), he started creating a movie quote trivia game for his co-workers. I asked him if he’d let me share the fun with you as well … you know, for totally mindless and silly enjoyment on your lunchbreak or something. There are no prizes (because Google exists), but just confirmation of the knowledge that you’re a movie geek too…

So go ahead and test yourself and see how many of these quotes you can attach to their respective movies. I’ll give the answers next week when I post the next iteration!


  • AshleyHami

    This is fun!

    Quote #1:
    I was going to guess Police Academy the “stupid” made me think of that. But then the “defense department” and speaker sounding like he’s in an airplane made me thing Top Gun. So I’m going to go with that.

    Quote #2:
    No idea. Is that Jack Nicolson talking?

    Quote #3:
    A Michael Douglas movie…?

    Quote #4:
    ? These are hard!

    Quote #5:

    Quote #6:

    Quote #7:

    Quote #8:
    Wayne’s World?

    Quote #9:
    Cheers? Hehe…j/k… No idea.

    Quote #10: