homemade cotton candy

I love cotton candy. I think it’s because my mom LOVES cotton candy. She loves it so much that my Dad gifted her an awesome little homemade cotton candy machine last year for their anniversary. (Do you know I first lusted after homemade cotton candy on this blog in January 2008?!?) And on their last visit, they brought it up to share the fun with Miss L.


(if you can make your cotton candy outside… I recommend you do… sprayed hot sugar all over your walls is difficult to clean up!)


You just pour a little bit of the sugar crystals into the center of the machine, turn it in… and wait for the magic to happen!


And within minutes… gorgeous fluffy cotton candy!


Do you know what they call it in Australia? Fairy floss! How cute is that? (thank you to my awesome Australian friend Melanie for that tidbit of knowledge back in 3rd grade)


I don’t think Miss L cared at all what we called it. She knew it was magical and sugary and perfect!


The only sad part of this adventure was the look of dismay when she saw the machine being packed up to leave. If only it could be cotton candy day every day…

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  • Jules

    I love cotton candy! Brings me back to my childhood, visiting state fairs and carnivals. I went to a restaurant not too long ago that served it as a little dessert when they brought the check.

    Lovely meeting you at Alt SF! Looking forward to following along with your work. :)

    Jules of Canines & Couture