Mr. M’s movie trivia: Week #2

Want to see how you did in Week #1?  Scroll down to see the answers below!

And we’re on to Week #2. After Mr. M debuted this little quiz with his friends, I told him that he needed to make it a “little easier” … so he included some longer clips this time around. This week was pretty easy for me… which goes to show what movies I prefer to watch countless times I guess?


Good luck!!!

Answers to Week #1:

1. Top Gun – Anthony Edwards – right after Maverick leaves his wingman to go after Viper during training.

2. The Saint – Val Kilmer – this one was hard as not many people have seen The Saint, but it happens when Val Kilmer is dressed up as a “nutty professor” and meets Elizabeth Shue’s character for the first time. A lot of people guessed Chain Reaction, which was a good attempt based on the “cold fusion” part of the quote.

3. The American President – Michael Douglas/Annette Bening – their first conversation between President and political maverick that was not part of a scheduled meeting

4. Tombstone – Val Kilmer – Wyatt Earp doesn’t show up for a duel, but Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) does… and this is the line that he delivers to the other guy.

5. Rebel Without a Cause – James Dean – I think he says this to his parents before he runs off to Griffith Observatory for the big finale.

6. Weird Science – Kelly LeBrock – Talking to both Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith (who went on to teach high school science, I think)

7. Juno – Ellen Page – talking to Jennifer Garner about why she would want Juno’s baby.

8. Aliens – Bill Paxton – One of the most memorable “we’re screwed” quotes of any movie I can think of. Happens after the sergeant gets killed.

9. Good Will Hunting – Matt Damon – After Matt Damon meets Minnie Driver for the first time in a bar.

10. Princess Bride – Wallace Shawn/Mandy Patinkin – After Vizzini cuts the rope and Westley is able to avoid falling to the rocks below by grabbing onto the cliff.