Mr. M’s Movie Trivia: Week 6

Want to see how you did in Week #5 of Mr. M’s Movie Trivia?  Scroll down to see the answers below! [sorry for the delay! I’m loading up the next 8 weeks, so we’re on track from here on out!]

And we’re on to Week #6. All you have to do is identify the movie and you are on your honor not to google them! Just leave your guesses in a comment below and see if you’re right next week!

Answers to Week #5:

1.       You’ve Got Mail! – This is after Tom Hanks realizes that Meg Ryan is his secret penpal crush over aol instant messenger but is trying to get her to fall for him.

2.       Much Ado About Nothing – Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson bantering back and forth. One of my favorite insult quotes: I would my horse had the speed of your tongue.

3.       Groundhog Day – Bill Murray lamenting that he is doomed to relive groundhog day for the foreseeable future to a couple of locals.

4.       50 First Dates – Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore with jumper cables. This was one of the initial scenes where Adam tries to get Drew to fall for him by staging scenes on her way to the local diner. I attempted to get the quote where she follows Adam’s pretend mugger and beats the guy with a baseball bat. Maybe next time.

5.       Knocked Up – This was the initial scene where Ben (Seth Rogan) and Allison (Katherine Heigl) meet.

6.       Fierce Creatures – If you have not seen this movie, please please watch it. It’s the psedo-follow-up to a fish called Wanda. Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, and a bunch of the Monty Python crew. The plot of it is: a small zoo in England is losing money, and so in an attempt to say in the black, the new zoo manager’s (John Cleese) strategy is to go for violence and danger. And well, the zoo doesn’t have many violent animals, so the zookeepers try to be a bit inventive.

7.       Hitch – This is the initial meet up between Eva Mendes and Will Smith, who is known as the male coach.

8.       Love Actually – Great holiday flick or just a great rom-com (psst, this was the theme this week). This is Emma Thompson getting her kids ready for the nativity play at the local school, where she will run into her brother (Hugh Grant) and a friend (Liam Neeson). Without a doubt, one of the better ensemble cast movies.

9.       10 Things I Hate About You – an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew with Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Allison Janney is pretty funny as well in her part as the school guidance counselor. Set in Seattle, I believe.

10.   Jerry Maguire – This is the back-and-forth between Jerry (Tom Cruise) and Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki) in the car on the way to the airport.