do you wanna build a snowman, Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  This year, Miss L took the lead in choosing what kind of Valentine we were going to create with the following conditions: something Frozen, preferably Olaf, something sweet.

So I hopped on the web and created a set of Pinterest pins for her to choose from… and from the many items I had pinned, she settled on the oh-so-popular-in-2014 buildable snowman Valentine’s!

On Tuesday afternoon, we headed to Target for our supplies: GIANT marshmallows, big marshmallows, Mike & Ike’s (for orange noses), Mini M&M’s (for buttons) and pretzel sticks. We then set out on a Valentine making assembly line… which, like last year, is just plain awesome!

Snowman Ingredients

See, in my family, you weren’t allowed to pass out cute things that mom & dad made for your friends. You had to make them WITH mom & dad, and then mainly just supervision on your own execution. I love passing on that pride to Miss L as well… that she can walk in the classroom knowing that SHE made them, and not her mom! In carrying on that tradition, perfection isn’t a part of these Valentine’s, but just lots of love! And I think that Miss L did an awesome job with everything!

Assembling the Snowmen

We pushed the noses and the pretzel sticks into the bodies of each little marshmallow, then carefully attached each button using a special glue combination of white chocolate chips melted in white frosting.  (Be careful… those mini M&M’s have a very delicate little candy shell!)

We set them all in the freezer on cookie sheets to set the glue (and to prevent any premature melting before Friday), then bagged and assembled them late Thursday night.


The final touch was a 2”x4” label that we printed to say, “Valentine, Do you wanna build a snowman? Love, L.” 

And with that, our 2014 Valentine’s were ready for preschool distribution!  Now I guess it’s time to finalize all that birthday party planning in two weeks… yikes!!!

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