shoulders back, head up…

I have a horrible time with my posture. Most people assume it’s due to my height and that lovely insecurity that is bred in the adolescent mind when you hit 5’11 by the age of 12. Maybe that’s part of it? But most of it comes from my fibromyalgia (FMS) aches and pains. When my shoulders tense up, it’s just easier to slouch and make it through the day until I can stretch out on my glorious foam roller.

Last night, while randomly clicking through the Internet, I stumbled upon a video for Lumo Lift and of course hit “play.”

Lift tracks your body positions and movements. When you slouch or close off your body, Lumo provides a gentle vibration to remind you to keep your shoulders down and back and head lifted.” (you can watch the video here)

Behind me, in the office, I hear Mr. M say, “Um… you need that.”

The rest of the video goes into a cheesy justification for why keeping proper posture will make you a happier person with a happier life, more friends, a better job and an awesome significant other. Which is all great, but honestly I just need a yoga coach to help me throughout the day in order to feel less pain at night… so I was able to giggle at the rest of the premise without offense.

It turns out it also doubles as an activity tracker counting steps & calories burned throughout the day as well.

Through February 7th, this little device only costs $69 as a pre-order It’s available for pre-order for Summer 2014 for only $79 (instead of it’s retail $99 later this summer).

I’m giving it a go and ordering one of these little guys… because right after I finish typing this I’m about to spend 10 minutes in the following position just to get to “somewhat normal” posture before heading off to work! And if I can cut that down to even just 5 minutes, it’d be worth it!

(And just in case you’re wondering, if you order one, I get $7 off my purchase. So, 10 friends = free Lumo Lift. But I already paid the $69 so I’m just happy to share this cool product with you at this discounted price!)