getting crafty for kids: taking a trip

Recently my BFF was getting ready for a trip to NYC and asked for advice on what to take on the plane to entertain her 18-month old son. I threw some ideas out (stickers! food! movies!) and crossed my fingers for her! But ever since, my eye has been gravitating towards things to make for kids that would help on trips like these… so I thought I’d share a quick round up of ideas I’ve seen floating around!


Perfect crafts to make for trips (both short and long)

No-Sew Crayon Wrap (by small + friendly)

No sew crayon wrap

This little felt book is the perfect companion for plane or car trips! I especially love the paper section that is inside! Just make sure you don’t leave it in the car on a hot day to melt…


Long Trip Maze Game (by Richochet and Away!)

This is the ultimate quiet but challenging activity for younger kids for the backseat. This marble maze game is truly ingenious, and not that hard to sew up!


Lego Travel Box (by KV Barn)

An ingenious IKEA hack using cheap boxes and a single LEGO base board! It may not prevent all the bricks from escaping, but it’s a great idea for keeping most of them contained to one area or another!


Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set (by Doodle Craft Blog)

A mini fishing game in an Altoids tin? This is the stuff that airline tray tables were made for!


I Spy Pouch (by The Homes I Have Made)

Have you ever tried to play “I Spy” in an airplane high above the clouds, or driving through the middle of nowhere? It just doesn’t seem to work! This “I Spy” bag is a great way to get kids to play the game on their own!


Oilcloth Flashcard Holders (by That’s My Letter)

I’m always hoarding flashcards from the Dollar section at Target for the next trip… since they’re an easy game/distraction that you can play together or alone. These flashcard holders are simple to make and much better at storing the cards than those flimsy paper boxes!

Do you have any crafty things you’ve made that would help out on future trips with the kiddos?

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  • Kate

    I love that fishing game! We have the M&D magnetic cars/tow truck puzzle, but it’s harder to pack/keep the pieces contained.