Dear friends… today is April 27th, and it’s my birthday.

Back in college, I met my BFF during the Spring of my sophomore year. When we learned that our birthdays were just 5 days apart, we quickly got to organizing an annual tradition we named “the fest.” This year, I’m going back to that tradition and celebrating our Sunday through Friday of happiness with a series of 5 contest giveaways!

Each day I’ll be giving away something I love… and no, there’s not a single sponsor involved at all. Seriously. Just me giving away things I truly enjoy.

So come back each day and leave a comment for your chance to win!

Oh, and if you didn’t know, during #birthdayfest2014, feel free to indulge as you wish. Particularly in ice-cream flavored iced coffee, macarons, gummy worms and blocks of cheese with names you can’t pronounce!