spring is for soccer

Around these parts, soccer is a year-round sport. They’ve got indoor soccer fields, plenty of outdoor ones, and just about every family is playing or practicing or watching it during the spring and summer and fall and winter.

Now, let it be known, that despite my undying love for almost all sports, soccer is one that I just don’t adore. I’m going to place the blame on some mean kid in my Kindergarten class choosing to kick my shins instead of the soccer ball. But parenthood is all about getting over those hills and exposing your kids to more than you were exposed to… so that’s how you found me at the park with 20 little soccer balls flying this way and that.


We enrolled Miss L in a “soccer skills” class, which is exactly what it sounds like. Drills…




and a tiny bit of running up and down a mini soccer field.


But the best part? The scrimmages with pinnies!


And while I still might not be the biggest soccer fan, I’m definitely a huge fan of my little girl no matter what sports she chooses to love and play with all her heart!

Anyone else in my shoes with the conflicting sports love?