dots, stripes, wave and duck footprints

A few days after I ordered my new iPhone 6 for delivery, I commissioned Miss L to create a case for my new phone. She had done such a great job with the last case (and got so much pride from it as well) that I knew she’d love to contribute to a new one.

So I got out her watercolors and some paper, and asked her to make me a few designs to choose from. I told her I wanted blues, so we mixed up a palette of blue/green hues, and then I left the room to let her create. About 20 minutes later, she grabbed me to come back and see my choices.

First, we had “dots” :


Next up… “stripes” :


Finally, we had “waves” :


I pondered my options closely, then scanned and uploaded them all into sample cases at GetUncommon to help me decide. In the end to go with a clear deflector case with “dots” as the design and she seemed pretty pleased with the idea.

Every day after I placed the order, she’d ask to go to the mail to see if the case had come yet. She was so excited to see her artwork on my phone, and each day it didn’t come, her excitement built up even more!

Finally, the case arrived to cheers heard around the block, and we got to put it on the phone for everyone to see. And trust me, EVERYONE has seen my phone case.

“Have you seen my mom’s phone case? I made it! It’s watercolor and I painted it!”

She told me to tell all my friends about her designs as well. And that she’s happy to design cases for anyone that needs them! So if you’re in need of a commissioned iPhone case, it looks like I’ve got an artist ready to go for you!

p.s.  She’s really trying to sell people on her “duck footprints” designs. In her own words she said, “They’re way cooler than plain dots!”


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