the “I’m so worn out, but if I’m going to cook it is going to be worth it” meal

Life in the M household has been a bit stressful and crazy lately. Luckily, I can report that all of it is of the “first world problems” variety, but it also has all happened to pile on momentously as the days go on. In other words, things like sleep and laundry and memory are all lost somewhere in the house and I’m not sure when, where or how I lost them all. No matter… just keep swimming!

So when I stopped at the market on Sunday evening with Miss L in search of “something” for dinner, I asked her what she wanted. We were in the proximity of the seafood counter, so she happened to glance over and immediately requested, “Oysters!”  I spent about 2 minutes trying to tell her why her mommy would be unable to open the oysters for her to eat (worst shucker ever, ladies and gents) until she just gave a giant me a pout and a little huff and gave up on the request. Hello mommy guilt-trip 101… all because Kim can’t pry open a silly shell.

Then we walked in that general direction and I asked if she’d want something else. Some other fish perhaps?

“Mussels! I want mussels!”

OK kiddo… THAT I can do. [my favorite recipe right here!]

And so we got 1 1/2 pounds of mussels, some shallots and I let L pick out a baguette, and off we went home.

And about an hour later… this was sitting in front of my plate.


Suddenly, it was a happy Sunday. And I wasn’t worried about hopping into bed at an insanely early hour, but rather just sitting there and enjoying every last scumptuous bite.

But what made me even happier? This kiddo…


… DEVOURING her mussels with fervor.

And suddenly the world was all ok. (It didn’t hurt that the Giants were winning a beautiful baseball game at the same time)  Isn’t that all we need from a home-cooked meal every now and then? Yeah. I think so.

Also, I’m pretty certain her sushi and shellfish consumption have led me to believe she was a mermaid in her former life.


  • AshleyHami

    I love the meals you prepare for family and Miss L. I have to say, I am not an overly adventurous eater, and neither is Clara (hubby on the other hand will eat/try anything).

    I also love that you ask Miss L for her input at mealtimes. When I’m a loss for what to have for dinner, I love it when Clara adds her input and isn’t another “I don’t know” :)