2014 holiday gift guide for the artistic kid

It’s no secret that ART is a big thing in our household, so I thought I’d share some of the best gifts I’ve seen for artistic kids in the past year in museum stores, art supply stores, and things that are well loved in our house!


Spirograph Design Kit: When the Easter Bunny gifted this to Miss l, I thought she might be a little young to fall in love with it. I was so wrong! She’s continually fascinated by the designs she can make on her own and all the different possibilities. $31.99

Master Kitz: Help your kids recreate the art of the masters with these amazing art kits! Whether it’s Starry Night or Sunflowers, these kits include the paint, materials and techniques to learn how to paint in each particular style. $29.99

Artist’s Loft Paints (from Michael’s): Walking into an art store for materials can set anyone back a pretty penny! Michael’s has watercolor, gouache, acrylic & oil paint sets for only $4.99 each, along with reasonably priced canvas and paper under the same label.

3Doodler: Older kids should be jumping on the new 3-D printing wave with enthusiasm and this pen is an easy way to do it! You literally paint in 3-D with melted plastic! $99

13 Artists Children Should Know: The perfect introduction to the masters of the art world for elementary school aged kids!


Seedling Design Your Own Super Hero Cape: Every house needs a caped crusader or two, so help your child’s dreams become a reality with this kit! $44.99

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad: I always wanted a light box as a kid, but they were large and impractical. So I taped things to the window and traced the “old fashioned way.” Now LED lights make these kid’s versions perfect for any of your tracing needs! Miss L loves starting with a character from tracing and then adding to the rest of the scene on her own! $23.99

Crayola Marker Airbrush Set: I received this as a “fun” present a few years back from my Dad. Then Miss L got one from her uncle. It’s safe to say that everyone wants their own airbrush kit, and this one can even decorate fabric using the right markers! $29.99

Make Your Own Animal Puppets Combine art and theater with this awesome set of creative puppet pieces! $19.99

NeoLucida Drawing Tool: This portable drawing tool helps anyone sketch objects that are sitting right in front of them by projecting it on the paper below. It’s an amazing optical trick, but it’s also a fascinating aid for artists, especially those who want a lot of practice! $49.99

Point & Shoot Camera: Let your kids explore and capture the world with their own photography! Invest in a “shockproof” version with no shutter for the little kids (usually an underwater model) to minimize breakage and avoid any models that run on non-rechargeable batteries.



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