2-in-1 holiday shopping

We’re in the middle of the holiday shopping season, which means chaos and confusion for most of us. Well, maybe it’s just me. Because no matter how much shopping I get done before December 1st, I always manage to procrastinate about something crucially important. But I’ve vowed to do something about it this year… and get myself a bit more technologically advanced. I mean, I streamlined all of the Christmas card craziness a few years ago with the help of mail merge and my printer… so why not extend that to shopping this year? Thank goodness I’ve got that Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in my life now!

So first… tackling Miss L’s Christmas wishes (because the holiday is really all about the kids, right?)…

Once she was done with her wish list, I quickly snapped photos of her list with the built-in camera and shared the slideshow list with the Grandparents (to make sure no one was duplicating efforts!) via email.

Then I decided to do something smart about ALL THOSE CATALOGS that I browse throughout the month.

You see, I’m ADDICTED to these silly things. I horde them in giant piles throughout the month, and pretty much drive Mr. M insane with my clutter. Because… what is better than flipping through catalogs of presents in the light of the Christmas glow? 

So this year I decided to be nicer to him, and slowly recycle the catalogs throughout the month with a new method of Christmas shopping…

So as I’m flipping through the catalog… I snap photos of the items I like using my Intel 2 in 1 device as a tablet. Then I “pin” them on a secret board on Pinterest. I think this is a little better than ripping out pages or dog-earing the pages in catalogs… but I don’t have to abandon my flipping tangible pieces of paper! 

So come December 25th, I have a feeling that both of these tricks will lead to these stockings overflowing with goodies!

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  • Kate

    You are so nice to share L’s list with the grandparents. We have enough trouble coming up with enough gifts for us to give the kid. I follow the “every man for himself” philosophy with gift ideas!