#kidart : fairy houses

Sometimes you head to the craft store with a mission, and other times you discover the best projects while you’re wandering through the store in search of something else.   

For this project, it was the latter. We were in search of eyelash yarn (for another project), when we came  across these tiny houses. 

“Momma, can we decorate a bird house?”

“Sweetie, those aren’t big enough to be bird houses.”

“Well what are they houses for?”

“Well, I bet they’d make perfect fairy houses?”

“Momma, can we make a fairy house?”

So we picked out 4 houses (at Joann’s), then went to the paint aisle and got 2 sets of paint packs (with 6 colors each) and set about making some fairy houses. 

Setting up the art space was easy: one brush for each pot of paint (no need to rinse the brush between colors), & paper towels.

Then it was up to Miss L to use her imagination! And boy did she!


Some had stripes. Others had dots. There was even a small depiction of her imaginary friend on the side of one! Each one was lovingly covered in paint, as I requested that there be no wood showing at all.

(There’s an added bonus when you’re using the coordinated passion sets as all combinations end up looking amazing!)

One they were done, we went in search of glitter spray to coat them with “fairy dust” and picked up some clear coat as well. Then it was off to the garden to become homes for some lucky garden faires. 

But, that’s not where this craft ends. Because after those were done, Miss L requested to get some more. So we did. And she painted them. And then she asked Daddy to buy done more. And he went to a different craft store (Michaels) and found new models and brought those home. 

And we are now officially housing more fairies than any other house in the neighborhood. Which is pretty cool!

Cost per house: $1-$1.50

Cost per paint set: $1-1.50/6 paint pots