More than just a business card (#disneysmmc on the road Portland)


Have you ever stalked a trade show/convention booth just for the swag they give out? I have. More than once. OK, I do it at every chance I get. And my family does too. That’s why we have a surplus of metal Tangled bookmarks (thank you #D23Expo 2013) & tote bags in our house. I think most people love little gifts, so I thought I should bring something to share with everyone when I went to Portland on Tuesday for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference (#DisneySMMC) “On the Road” event.

As I see it, there are two ways to go with a business card gift: practical or impractical but cute. I’m the person who adores getting “hot chocolate on a stick” gifts… so is it any surprise that I went for the impractical route and shared some “Pixie Dust” with everyone.

But why pixie dust? Some of you may know that my nickname has been “Tink” since I was a tiny kiddo, and that it is reflected in many places in my life, least of which is my car’s “Pixie Dust” license plate. Getting to share a little bit of that personal magic seemed completely appropriate, but I needed to make it a bit more Disney-fied for the event and include more than just plain ‘ol glitter.

Prepping some pixie dust for Tuesday's #DisneySocialMediaMomsConference in #Portland! #DisneySMMC #PDX #Disney #DisneyMoms

I purchased the most adorable little Mickey Mouse glitter pieces from OneStopSparkleShop, some tiny glass bottles from Amazon (thank you Pinterest HQ Party for the source way back when), and some regular glitter from the craft store.

Then I just used some random ingredients from the craft room to bundle it all up: some of the bazillion bakery bags I have in the house (purchase 1000 of them and you’ll use them for EVERYTHING!), label paper, 3×5” cards & washi tape.

I heard after the event that someone was looking for “the girl giving out the pixie dust” so I think I can say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

p.s. If you ever want amazing business card inspiration, check out the insane creativity each and every year from #AltSummit. Whether it’s a new design or ingenious swag, you’ll find something to absolutely fall in love with and build upon for your needs! Here are a few great roundup links:

I have to say that the edible cookie favors from The Party’s Over Here and Lindsay’s Tea Party were two of my favorite business cards from #DisneySMMC Portland, as was this adorable printable/pop-up business card from Pixie Budget! I just hope I get another opportunity to get Disney-creative with my cards in the future… because it’s too much fun!