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Magisto is still my favorite video app

Three years ago, I shared my love for a little video editing app named Magisto. I sung its praises for creating wonderful little edited music videos from all of my iPhone snippets with little to no work on my part. Just select your video clips, pick some music, give it a title, and wait 5 minutes to complete the magic! That’s really it! That’s all I did for this video using random clips of Miss L riding her trike around the neighborhood:

I raved again about it months later because it was still so awesome. And, of course, I shared a couple more examples:

So I’m back to speak the praises of Magisto one more time but for a different reason. I’ve always used the free version of the app because I haven’t had the need to subscribe monthly for the added features, and because there is a free version! But as of Tuesday… I’ve have a FREE Premium (Pro) plan for the next 12 months, and you can have one too!

Victoria Lim, media host/guru, shared a few of her sage photo & video editing tips at #DisneySMMC On The Road Portland. In her travel pack she carried battery chargers for all devices, extra battery packs, crazy mobile lenses, a selfie stick, and a mobile microphone. When it came to video phone apps, she recommended Cute Cut, Videolicious, and…. Magisto! She showed us just how quick and easy it was to make a assemble a video of her son getting his first haircut at the Magic Kingdom along with the end result that Magisto mashed up together in about 5 minutes. (If there’s anything painful about the app, it’s the wait time for your video to process!)

Along with the recommendation came a code for a 12-month FREE Premium (Pro) plan: MAGISTOTRIAL12.  So now you really have zero excuse to ignore me this time and pass up this app!

Just download the app for your iPhone or Android phone, create a login or use your FB/Google account to access the program.

Then visit magisto.com and login with your account:


Select “Settings” from your personal menu…


… then scroll down to “Redeem coupon” and enter magistotrial12 and click “REDEEM.”

Pretty easy to do and quite a bargain saving $9.99/month x 12! Hope you have fun as much fun with the app as we have these past 3 years and be sure to thank #DisneySMMC for the gift!