resolutions for 2016


In looking forward at 2016, I’m not looking for anything super different. Just more of the little things. And for the start of the year, I’m just going to put two things out there:

Move more.

I found myself sitting a lot this year. A new job in April had me seated behind a computer and nervous about being able to do what I was hired to do. So I sat and I worked hard. And guess what? I did it! So, now that I know I can do it, I need to get up and move more. And when I get home, I need to move too. More dance parties with Miss L. Walk Lincoln more. More trips up and down the stairs at night to finish errands I start. Get to 10,000 steps a day and keep pushing for a new goal of 12,500/day. Get out on the tennis court. Go for a run or a long walk.

Be more mindful.

 This isn’t just about practicing mindfulness more this year. Because I’m going to do that because it just works so well when I do. It’s also about thinking more about what needs to happen. Being more purposeful in actions. “Know better, do better.” Knowing my obligations and knowing how much I can commit to fulfilling. Reflecting more instead of just doing more. Mindful of others just as I’m mindful of myself. 

And that’s a tall order for one little year. But it looks like a motto I can throw on post it notes and actually fulfill the obligations day to day. 

Here’s to your successful 2016 resolutions as well!