we’re excited for NORM OF THE NORTH

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“Momma! When do we get to go see the Polar Bear movie??? The one where he goes on an adventure and saves the world?”

I always find it amazing how kids pick up on movie themes so quickly. Miss L can summarize most movies she’s seen in less than 30 seconds and she can spoil the plot in one simple sentence. And that means that she digests and takes to heart the themes of movies just as swiftly. And from first glance at the trailer below she’s got the basic gist of “Norm of the North,” but there’s a bit more to it than that.

In the movie, Norm leaves the North Pole for NYC on an adventure to save his home from condo developers. He has to step out of his comfort zone and try something new and in the end he’s greatly rewarded for it.

We’re constantly trying to help Miss L see life as series of daily adventures, full of uncertainty and challenges. Each day, there’s going to come a time to face your fears and to try something new. Right now, we’ve  made her the primary consumer in the household to get over her fear of talking to strangers and doing things independently. She orders and pays for things at the farmer’s market and always orders for herself when we eat out. It’s my hope that by helping her expand her comfort zone that she’ll have the tools to tackle the big things as they come in life with confidence. We also stress that she should make mistakes every day… and that the easiest way to make mistakes is trying something brand new! I think that seeing Norm of the North may help solidify these themes and messages… because, well let’s face it, a giant polar bear is much cooler messenger than mom or dad! Maybe she’ll even get a new lesson she can share with us!

This weekend, we had a little fun with the Norm of the North activity book (you can download yours here!) and Miss L decided that she wanted to make her own “Arctic Shake” video (above) after seeing this little video trailer.

If you’re planning to take the family to see Norm of the North after it opens on January 15th, then be sure to enter the contest below! You have a chance to win one of 5 $100 Fandango gift cards from I-C! The contest closes Monday, January 21, 2015.

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Maybe we’ll bump into you and your family at the movies during the long weekend… we’ll be the ones with all the popcorn!