how to recycle your Christmas cards into something more

I just packed up all of this years Christmas/Holiday cards from the front entry and put them in a pile. Soon, they’ll make their way to Target, where I’ll quickly scan them all and digitally plop them into a photo book for the year. And while that’s a great keepsake that we have, it made me think of what to do with our annual Christmas cards and how to preserve them, since paper isn’t always the best way to save memories!

In the middle of crazy Internet sales this past December, I saw one that caught my eye: 70% off of Ornaments at A quick thought flashed across my brain: that making an ornament using the images from our Christmas cards would be the perfect way to preserve them year after year! Unfortunately, it was close to midnight, so my time to get in an order for the sale was quickly closing. So, I quickly threw in the images, added the year, and pushed through the order just in the nick of time!

Turn Your Christmas Cards into Ornaments

So imagine my delight when the ornaments I received were just plain fabulous! I ordered the PREMIUM METAL SQUARE ornament and just uploaded my image into the field. For about $5 each, these were just perfect! I think I’ll take some time to create ornaments from all of the other cards and have them sitting in my account just waiting for the next amazing sale.

(p.s. Looking for what to do with all the cards you’ve received? Here are a few fun ideas!)


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